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Google AdWords is being taken over by scammers

Fraudsters are using Google Adwords, the search engine giant’s advertising platform, to spread malware among people looking for legitimate and popular software. Google’s security measures are usually robust, but experts have discovered that they have managed to use a workaround. The campaign is simple – scammers clone popular software such as Grammarly, MSI Afterburner, Slack …


Thousands of Citrix servers may be at risk of being attacked

Experts say many Citrix ADC and Gateway servers are still vulnerable to serious vulnerabilities that the company reportedly fixed a few weeks ago. In early November 2022, Citrix discovered and patched the “Unauthorized Access to Gateway User Capabilities” vulnerability, since tracked as CVE-2022-27510. By affecting both products, it allows an attacker to gain authorized access …


Intel in 2022: Overview of the Year

How did Intel fare in 2022? In many ways, it’s been a year-long roller coaster ride for Team Blue, with some ups and some downs. Let’s dive right in and look at where Intel has made big strides this year, and where it has more or less fallen off the rails. Raptors on the loose …